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「記者歡歡/台北報導」來自執行官兼創辦人Dr Turner Lam
Edu-Aequitas Pte Ltd信息:這是非常重要的通知,我們公司在過去的六個月一直不斷收到來自客戶的投訴。我們感謝您在過去的兩年半中與我們共度的時光。在這段期間,我們彼此之間確實建立了健康的商業關係。透過與教育學院的林紀慧教授和王子華教授攜手合作,以及在前校長賀陳弘教授的支持下,這個項目在2022年成功觸及全球93個國家,這確實是一個良好的跡象。


This important notice is to notify you that our company has been receiving complaints from customers consistently for the last 6 months. We are thankful for the time you have spent with us for the past 2.5 years, during which we had indeed developed healthy business terms with each other for the last 2.5 years. Working hand-in-hand with Prof Chi-Hui Lin and Prof Tzu-Hua Wang from College of Education with support from former principal Prof HoCheng Hong, this project has successfully reached out to 93 countries worldwide in 2022. That was indeed a positive sign. 

However, we are sorry to inform you that starting from the appointment of the new leadership under W. John Kao, NTHU has paused the collaboration since 26th Jun 2023 because of unfair terms. There has been a growing list of curriculumrequesting validation, especially after the July 2023 workshops. Since 26th June, we have sent six reminders via multiple avenues, requesting for clear instructions for the next step, but NTHU has delayed providing EA with a clear direction moving forward.

For the past 6 months, there still has been no headway in any discussions. In January 2024, we received a letter from NTHU stating the termination of contract unilaterally. Edu-Aequitas does not agree and we are still contesting the decision. At this point, chances of collaboration with NTHU under these circumstances are slim.

It has indeed been a good working experience with the previous senior management of NTHU. We will definitely beopen to future collaborations with NTHU leaders of integrity and commitment.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Turner Lam

CEO & Founder, Edu-Aequitas Pte Ltd